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BY Vaghees Clinton

S Arts

Mr. Santhosh is a trailblazer in the world of hand artistry, bringing unparalleled skill and creativity to every stroke. Renowned for his extraordinary talent and record-breaking achievements, Mr. Santhosh adds a new dimension of artistic excellence to the GiftFromPanda team.

Record Achievements:

Mr. Santhosh's illustrious career is adorned with prestigious accolades, including being featured in the International Book of Records, Kalam's World Record, and Triumph World Record. His groundbreaking contributions to the art world have earned him global recognition and admiration.

About "S Arts":

Under Mr. Santhosh's visionary leadership, "S Arts" emerges as a beacon of innovation and mastery in the realm of hand art. With a diverse repertoire that spans instant calligraphy, oil painting, and all forms of hand artistry, Mr. Santhosh mesmerizes audiences with his boundless creativity and technical prowess in road shows.


As a specialist in instant calligraphy art, Mr. Santhosh captivates viewers with his ability to transform words into works of art in the blink of an eye. His proficiency extends to oil painting and various other forms of hand art, each infused with his unique style and passion for the craft.

Experience and Vision:

With years of experience pushing the boundaries of hand artistry, Mr. Santhosh is not just an artist but a visionary. His commitment to innovation and excellence fuels his mission to inspire and delight audiences around the globe with his extraordinary creations.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable talent and boundless creativity of Mr. Santhosh, as we embark on a journey through the captivating world of "S Arts."

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